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Sanremo Festival 2023: second evening.

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Sanremo, 09.02.2023, 09:44 Uhr
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Morandi, Al Bano and Ranieri ensamble
Morandi, Al Bano and Ranieri ensamble  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Sanremo [ENA] The Festival offers, for its second evening, the second part of the singers in the competition. The highlight of the show, however, was the performance by Gianni Morandi, Massimo Ranieri and Al Bano: a show within a show. The public accompanied the songs, some sung together, by these three artists.

The final standing ovation demonstrated the love that binds these "sacred monsters" to the Italian public. The godmother of the evening was the journalist Francesca Flaviani who, among other things, performed a monologue which, although considered self-referential, dealt with particularly delicate topics, such as the experience of juvenile prison and the lack of schooling of young people considered "difficult". Among the guests present, the Black Eyed Peas group, the first foreign group invited to Sanremo after the pandemic, make the whole Ariston dance with medleys of their greatest hits.

The Italian-Iranian activist Pegah Moshir Pour, accompanied by Drusilla, offers a monologue in support of freedom for women in Iran. A brief judgment on the singers competing today. The first artist who appears on stage is WILL. His song, quite simple, expresses the happiness of being able to express the fragility and emotions typical of his generation. MODA' disappoint the public a little with their song "Let me go". Since their return to the most famous singing stage in Italy, after 10 years, something more was expected: the voice is always splendid but the piece decidedly modest.

The third singer in the competition is SETHU. With a rock song seasoned with punk combinations she tells the anxieties and fears of the generation to which she belongs. ARTICOLO 31 come back together with a melancholy song which, through the story of their artistic past, highlights the importance of friendship. LAZZA proposes a song that is difficult to understand initially. The artist himself admits, in his passage, that it is difficult to understand his sentences but his beautiful story struck us intensely. What about GIORGIA? Her elegance and her charisma strike from the first note. Some small initial inaccuracies do not detract from a truly remarkable performance.

COLAPESCE and DIMARTINO repeat, in our opinion, the success obtained with their song from two years ago: With Splash it is not only the sonority that strikes but also the very interesting lyrics. The theme of love is the theme that SHARI proposes, wobbly on the ladder and dressed in “safari” style. A twenty year old who with her splendid voice makes us feel "selfish"! MADAME song is, in our opinion, one of the best songs heard this year. Very excited, elegant and talented. Song full of anger and pain but certainly pleasant and danceable. LEVANTE: great energy and desire to dance for his song "Vivo". An erotic dream that infects.

Beautiful poem, that of TANANAI. Elegant with its flagship; his Tango d'amore we are sure that he will surely take him to the top in the final classification. ROSA CHEMICAL: the controversy over his song made itself felt well before the start of the Festival. The disco piece is danceable and full of reflections and quotes. LDA, the youngest of the Sanremo artists, with his song "Se poi domani", talks about true feelings and a love that ended with the hope, perhaps through another person, of returning. Basically medium-high level.

Last singers in the competition, PAOLA and CHIARA. Their return together is pleasant even if a little obvious; the song "Furore" could become the new catchphrase of social media: danceable but with a text definitely below expectations. The third evening of Thursday will offer us all the singers again and this time the vote will be entrusted to the general public via televoting. Who knows if they will be able to unseat Mengoni from his first place in the standings? See you tonight to find out more.

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