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Palio Del Barone 2023 in Tortoreto

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Palio del Barone 2023
Palio del Barone 2023  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Roma [ENA] 20th edition of the Palio del Barone in the historic center of Tortoreto, a town in Abruzzo, very popular with Italian and foreign tourists. The district of Terravecchia won the tender, reaching a tie with the competitor terranova, with 10 victories each.

The event, organized by the "Due Torri" Cultural Association, chaired by Ennio Guercioni, saw the participation of more than 400 participants, some of whom came from nearby towns. For the first time, the organization wanted to entrust the role of "Lady of the Keys" to a well-known national figure: Manila Nazzaro, TV presenter and Miss Italy 1999. The historical procession that opened the event, winded for about an hour along the streets of the ancient village, among crowds and above all curious and particularly interested tourists.

The Baron and the Baroness

To guide it, the banner of "Turturitus" followed by the Baron and the Baroness. Behind: drums, notables, noblewomen, merchants and craftsmen, acrobats and knights, court ladies and flag-wavers. At the end of the parade, the procession reached the main square where the historical re-enactment of the delivery of gifts to King Ferdinand's representatives and guests from other cities took place.

Dance of Fire

The competitions between the athletes of the two districts then began and at the end the awarding of the winners. The evening in the square continued with performances by flag-wavers and with the artist Toi Ahi, from Pesaro, who amazed the audience with his "dance of fire". To worthily conclude the event, the spectacular and exciting "fire in the Tower" took place followed by a battery of fireworks that made this event truly unique. The appointment is for next August in Tortoreto when, according to the organizers, the Palio will offer several interesting novelties.

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