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Government crisis in Italy

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Italy, 18.01.2021, 15:37 Uhr
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Italy [ENA] The former prime minister, Matteo Renzi, withdrew his party's ministers this week and consequently declared that he would no longer be part of the executive, taking away from the latter the confidence that was decisive especially in the Senate. The reactions from the centre-left political world have been violent. On social media and national newspapers, Renzi is considered the Absolute Evil.

On his shoulders the blame for all the past, present and future Italian troubles. But is that really the case? Personally, I do not have much sympathy for the former Tuscan Prime Minister, but I do not share this superficial and catastrophic view of his action. Renzi, aware that he has, with a few men, the power to keep alive or to bring down the Conte government, has simply spectacularly seized this power, highlighting in a day all the limits and contradictions of this executive, starting from the alliance that generated it: Democratic Party and 5 stars.

Bitter enemies, their mutual hatred had been particularly evident during the last general election campaign, with insults and mutual accusations often over the top. The "never with the PD" by the 5 Stars and the "never with the 5 Stars" by the PD, still resonates very clearly in the ears of Italians, especially those who had let themselves be convinced by the good intentions of the party created by the comedian Beppe Grillo.

This insane union, therefore, apart from the result of allowing Members to remain so without having to stand again in front of the voters who would certainly not have forgiven the 'turn around' has produced very singular effects, which were then made worse by the pandemic that has affected the world. The government has had to deal with an unprecedented period of emergency but the dominant feeling is that it has never managed to "hold" the situation with strong but clear and understandable measures at all.

Because? Because within it, the coalition is not a coalition! It is a group of parties that have different and confused ideas about everything and above all how to react to this serious situation due to the pandemic. What about Renzi? Renzi has simply highlighted what he and many believe are the contradictions of a government that survives only thanks to the emergency. The three key points of his protests are: 1. the too spectacularization of politics: too many conferences on facebook, decrees on decrees, continuous talk shows on all national television networks. 2. The overly "personalized" management of the Recovery Found and, 3rd, the desire not to use the MES.

But the most indecent show is the one that is going on these days. Due to the withdrawal of the Ministers of the Italia Viva party, they are trying with every effort and by every means to recover votes everywhere, to replace them with those of the Renzians. We get news that the ruling parties are trying by all means to find them, fielding lawyers, officers of the Guardia di Finanza, archbishops and old retired politicians. All this while Parliament is almost completely paralyzed, there continue to be about 500/600 deaths a day from Covid, the economy is falling apart and poverty reigns supreme over a large part of the population.

What will happen? Everything and the opposite of everything. We will attend this squalid theater for days and then, if the executive fails to find a solution, everything will pass into the hands of the Head of State, Mattarella who will try to unravel the tangle of this difficult situation. A new government with Conte as president and an enlarged coalition? A government with a different president, perhaps a technician looking for a large (rather difficult) majority counting on the emergency? Early voting? We'll see.

Meanwhile, millions of people, in Italy and in the world, are fighting not only against the terrible virus but also against the lack of sufficient vaccine doses, against the delivery times of the same, which are expanding every day and above all against an economic crisis and which could cause irreparable damage to many countries in the near future.

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