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National Final of Miss Blumare Beauty Competition 2022

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Roma, 01.11.2022, 17:34 Uhr
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Final Missblumare 2022
Final Missblumare 2022  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Roma [ENA] The 14th edition of the Missblumare national beauty contest ended with enormous success. The Final took place, as always, on a cruise on the flagship of the MSC fleet: the "Grandiosa" which for 7 days sailed in the Mediterranean Sea touching the ports of Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Cannes, Genoa.

60 competitors, coming from every region of Italy, competed in 4 technical tests in front of a jury of industry professionals who evaluated not only the aesthetic appearance of the girls, whose age ranged from 14 to 25 years, but also the posture, the photogenicity, the elegance and the style in dealing with the various fashion shows that took place during the cruise week. The audience present had the opportunity to applaud the Miss in the competition not only during the classic costume rehearsals, in front of the lens of the cameras and videographers and in elegant dress, but also during shooting and fashion shows on board and at the outside, during the stops in the various ports.

Cannes parade

In Cannes, the 60 competing girls gave life to a parade starting from the port and culminating with a group photo on the "red carpet" of the steps of the Palais Des Festivals, in front of hundreds of people who admired the Italian beauties.The national final was masterfully presented by the showgirl and actress Angela Melillo, an added value for the competition, who accompanied the competitors with grace and warmth until the final evening, instilling tranquility and safety even to the most excited.

Guests of the event and jurors were, among other things: the showgirl Maria Laura De Vitis, a veteran of the television successes of "La Pupa e il Secchione" and "L'Isola dei Famosi", the Mago Heldin, the multiple world champion of Muay Thai, Sveva Melillo, Dr. Giorgio Piccioli Cappelli Physiotherapist, the director of Modernews Alessandra Maria Bagini, the Cruise Director Leonard, Monia Pozzati of the Atelier Le Mariage and Annamaria Galliano owner of the Atelier Annamà. Artistic direction this year was entrusted to a trio of young people: Laura Faiella, Alessia Basilico and Sara Ciotola, each with specific preparation tasks for the competitors. The direction for the sponsors' fashion shows was led by the highly appreciated Rocco Cagnè.

The body of jurors had seven votes available to judge the 60 Misses in the competition. In the end, the 14-year-old from Naples, Romina Covino, a very young typical Mediterranean beauty, won it. High school student and passionate about fashion, cinema and theater, she has clear ideas about her future: fashion, cinema but first of all a degree in medicine. Its Regional Manager, Pasquale Capasso, enthusiastic about the victory of his Campania Region, exalted the merits and characteristics of the winning Miss: cleanliness, simplicity and freshness, uncommon qualities for a 14-year-old girl. On the podium there were: in second place the Venetian Ojoh Gioia Ewere and in the third the Tuscan Vittoria Diop.

Missblumare Direction Staff

The Patron of the competition, Guido Maculan, accompanied by the national organizational staff composed of Stefano Melli, Gianfranco Visentin and Renato Dorio, showed great satisfaction and enthusiasm for this 14 national final, claiming that the great success obtained by this event will serve to stimulate even more the organizers trying to offer ever stronger content and exciting moments for the 15th edition. The powerful organizational machine is already at work for the 2023 season. Good work!

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