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Another Easter in lockdown

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Italy, 31.03.2021, 17:44 Uhr
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Eater and Covid
Eater and Covid  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Italy [ENA] Italy is preparing to face, despite itself, the second consecutive Easter in a generalized lockdown. Uncertainty, protest, sadness, a sense of abandonment: these are the feelings that prevail in the minds of Italians as one of the most anticipated holidays of the year approaches.

What Easter will it be, that of 2021? Undoubtedly very, too similar to that of last year, despite the fact that the situation of the pandemic, at least in our country, is certainly different from the one we were facing in 2020. So why are everyone locked up in the house again with few, and often incomprehensible, exceptions? The government changed a few weeks ago: from the Conte management to that of Draghi, a "non-political" with a very high profile, strongly desired by the President of the Republic and accepted, not without reservations, by most of our local politics.

The idea that we all had was of a clear and concrete cut with the past: a qualitative leap that would soon lead us to a return to normal social life and above all to the awareness of living in a state that helps its citizens to overcome the biggest postwar economic crisis. Unfortunately, just a few days after his inauguration, the Draghi government proved, as the most observant could imagine, that it cannot work miracles. This is for a number of reasons: we are not self-sufficient in the first place.

We depend on Europe and its decisions, on the agreements it has made with the pharmaceutical manufacturers of vaccines, on the idea of encouraging or discouraging the purchase of vaccines not always considering the health of citizens as a discriminating element but following strict rules of political relations. But that's not enough. President Draghi has "had" to create a government with political forces in total antithesis to each other. He must continually mediate between extremely different positions, he must try not to upset anyone, on pain of the quick fall of his executive.

Thus we find ourselves with strongly rigorist wings that forcibly coexist with politicians whose primary purpose is the indiscriminate reopening of all activities, to avoid further worsening of the situation. Draghi's task is not easy: we know it and we have always known it. However, it is essential at this time. His authority, at least in the international arena, is absolutely a priority to get us from Europe those subsidies and economic aid that will prove to be the only remedy for this appalling crisis.

And Easter? Unfortunately, we will spend Easter at home, despite the weather forecast making us suffer, informing us that there will be sun everywhere. On the other hand, one thing must be clear: regardless of the faults of a situation that governments often attempted to solve with little or no useful systems and the lack, still today, of a certain solution to the vaccination problem, we must ensure that the infections do not increase, at any cost. We do not feel like blaming the population because, when possible, they pour into the streets and do little to respect the prohibitions imposed by common sense, rather than by the law.

After a year of forced closures, of the impossibility of socializing, of more or less stringent prohibitions, it is normal for him to behave like this. The comparison that many make on the situations of countries like China, which are regimes and not democracies, is laughable. The population has always been used to obeying without wondering why the decisions imposed. He knows what the risk is of not behaving accordingly. Not with us. Freedom is a precious and indispensable good to which we have been accustomed for a long time and which we cannot give up, even at the cost of endangering our health and that of others.

So: let's try to accept these bans again, hoping that they are really the last and that they will allow us to face the upcoming summer with positivity and optimism. If the government succeeds in the task of supporting those who have been most affected by the crisis with concrete and quick aid and above all it will do everything to allow the population to get vaccinated safely and in a short time, we are sure that this will really be the last Easter lockdown.

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