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Sanremo Music Festival 2023

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Sanremo, 03.02.2023, 22:41 Uhr
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Ariston Theatre in Sanremo
Ariston Theatre in Sanremo  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Sanremo [ENA] There are now only 3 days left before the eagerly awaited television appointment with the Sanremo Festival, this year in its 73rd edition. For the fourth consecutive year, Amadeus will be there to present and artistically direct the event from the Ariston Theater of the Ligurian city.

The conductor will be joined in all the evenings by the singer Gianni Morandi and, every evening, the two artists will be accompanied by exceptional valets. On the first and last evening they will have the entrepreneur-influencer Chiara Ferragni by their side, on Wednesday, the journalist Francesca Fagnani will be on stage to accompany Amadeus and Morandi, a familiar face to Rai Due viewers.

On Thursday, the day when for the first time the television audience will be asked to give their preferences via televoting, the presenters will be accompanied by the Italian volleyball champion Paola Egonu. In the evening dedicated to covers and duets, the fictional actress Chiara Francini will take the stage together with Amadeus and Morandi. Of particular interest to the public is that reserved for guests. On Tuesday, last year's winners Mahmood and Blanco, the Poohs with Riccardo Fogli and the actress Elena Sofia Ricci will be on stage. From the ship moored in front of Sanremo there will be a connection with the rapper Salmo.

The second evening will see, as guests of honor, two "sacred monsters" of the Italian singing scene: Al Bano and Massimo Ranieri in an unprecedented trio with Gianni Morandi. Also on Wednesday we will see the first foreign guests: the American group of the Black Eyed Peas. Thursday evening the Maneskin winners of the Festival in 2021 and also winners in the Eurovision Song Contest of the same year will cheer up the Ariston stage. On the day of the duets, Friday 10 February, no guests are expected as there will be numerous artists who will join the competitors in their performances. We are at the final night. Together with the 28 songs of the singers in the competition, guest of honor the artist Gino Paoli.

. It will be a festival full of emotions and everything to be experienced. We will update you day by day on the competition and will offer interviews to the singers and guests. Sanremo is filling up with the public. The wait is now almost over; preparations are completed; the rehearsals of the singers are in full swing and we just have to wait for the fateful announcement: "From the Ariston Theater in Sanremo... the 73rd Festival of Italian Song begins"!

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