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N.I.D.A. Nazionale Italiana dell'Amicizia

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Turin, 10.09.2020, 22:19 Uhr
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Turin [ENA] In Italy, there are more than 350,000 NON-PROFIT institutions who count on a contribution from almost 6 million volunteers and their source of funding is mainly private. Among the many non-profits that contribute significantly to providing aid and support to disadvantaged realities in the country, today we are examining the "NIDA, the Italian National Friendship Team".

Created in 2012, in Turin, by a group of friends with the shared passion for football. The main purpose of this association is to help children: those who live in a situation of grave poverty for various reasons and those who need, because they are sick with serious diseases, extremely expensive treatments that are not within the reach of their families. Having fun doing good: this is the message that N.I.D.A. transmits to all those who attend the Association and who share the high ideals that inspire these talented young people.

Aware of the fact that sport was not enough to make the general public grasp the message of love inherent in the ideals of the non-profit organization, the president, Walter Galliano of Turin, and the founding members of N.I.D.A. have broadened their horizon by inserting particularities to make the purpose of their work more attractive and viral: they have created a team of Superheroes and Princesses who have started touring the Italian pediatric hospitals to bring some sympathy, serenity and joy in an environment where suffering and disease are the masters.

To further improve this important work, it was decided to complete it with the inclusion of musical pieces, sung and danced, which were initially taken from the world of fairy tales and later made independently. The idea is that it is music, in general, that makes the difference! The good fortune of having a great musician and composer in the group, Edoardo Arrowood, led to the idea of composing new songs in order to enhance the voices and talents of some members.

From here, Walter Galliano, author of the lyrics and Edoardo della musica, created 11 songs related to social themes, inserted in a CD that was also brought to schools; each song touches a different social theme: from violence against women to bullying, the fight against pollution, the abandonment of animals up to the song that will be the backbone of a musical that will be brought to Italian theaters this year at Christmas and which speaks, in all its forms, of the theme of love.

The success of these unpublished works spurs the 2 artists to continue on this path and during the pandemic they write a song dedicated to doctors and nurses, to thank them for the important work done and to create scholarships for the children of these heroes who unfortunately have paid, with their lives, for their precious work. After the lockdown they decide to compose a song totally different from the usual and characterized by a funny and catchy music: a real summer hit: 2 & Picche.

2 & Picche

The success was immediately great and they can boast, to date, of having had more than 2 million views of the video clip of the song. This led to the idea of a tour along the entire peninsula to present the musical piece and visit the dozens of NIDA clubs throughout the country. Each club then contributed to creating direct contacts with local radio and television broadcasters where Walter and Edoardo explained the importance of their work and music as a vehicle for transmitting the message.

The meaning of the song is all in the idea of pushing today's kids to be protagonists of their lives, perhaps leaving aside social networks and mobile phones for a moment to appreciate human contact and the satisfaction of courtship done live, as in the past. . The song 2 & Picche can be found on youtube and on the social profiles of NIDA, the Italian National Friendship Team. It can also be purchased on Amazon for a nominal fee and all proceeds will "help to help"!

The hope is that the important voluntary activity that this group carries out can continue for a long time and that it is always supported by new adhesions to the project, by raising awareness of people and by concrete help, essential to achieve the objectives they have set themselves .

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