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First evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Sanremo, 08.02.2023, 09:39 Uhr
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Ariston Theatre, Sanremo
Ariston Theatre, Sanremo  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Sanremo [ENA] The Sanremo Festival has finally begun. The initial evening was above all characterized by the presence in the hall, for the first time in history, of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella who wanted to pay homage to the 75th anniversary of the Constitution.

The actor and director Benigni composed and recited a true Oscar-winning monologue for this celebration. On stage, together with the regular presenters, Amadeus and Gianni Morandi, the entrepreneur web Chiara Ferragni ventured for the first time as an exceptional valet. The Ariston audience and the television audience greatly appreciated her nude look and the monologue with which she spoke about her life as a mother. A brief summary of the singers in the competition.

ANNA OXA was disappointing: we expected from her a proposal worthy of her fame and her abilities; the song was not bad but the interpretation below her great possibilities- gIANMARIA, coming from XFactor, does not leave particularly strong memories of her song. MAHMOOD and BLANCO re-propose last year's winning song, BRIVIDI, with the same emphasis and skill as in 2022. As we imagined from the rumors of the previous days, a great interpretation by MARCO MENGONI with a song that seems to have been written especially for the Festival. Excellent possibility of placing at least on the podium but .... also of victory. Definitely disappointing ARIETE, betrayed by her emotion, which clashes several times by interpreting her song "Mare di Guai".

ULTIMO proposes, like Mengoni, a typical song from Sanremo: excellent voice but decidedly scarce text. Excellent pop harmonizations for COMA COSE who sing a decidedly sentimental song, even when interpreted on stage. Below expectations ELODIE: we were hoping for more from her soulful style song than her. LEO GASSMAN, winner of the youngsters in 2021, leaves no great memories. It's BLANCO's turn who literally "goes crazy" on stage due to a technical problem that prevents him from listening to the music in his headphones. He smashes everything he finds and destroys the beautiful flowers on stage. The present public does not like it and directs loud whistles of disapproval for such absurd and uneducated behavior.

The song by the "vintage" CUGINI DI CAMPAGNA is rather insignificant. GRIGNANI delights us with a song dedicated to the distance from his father and newcomer OLLY offers a rather unpleasant mix of musical styles. Nice and pleasant the song by COLLA ZIO but definitely a high mark for Mara Sattei: beautiful voice and equally beautiful song! Tonight the other songs in the race!

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